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World Offshore Championship Apparel & Accessories

Here you can find official apparel and accessories of RusSki JETRACER World Championship guests and participants.

Deadline for jet skis shipment from USA to World Offshore Championship!

Dear riders,
We’d like to draw your attention that all jet skis for IJSBA 2012 World Offshore Championship should be received in Lake Havasu City no later than the 23rd of July. Please, contact Chris MacClugage at, Monday-Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm PST, Ph. 928.453.2291). (more…)

Koreain Air is an official air carrier for IJSBA 2012 World Offshore Championship.

We are glad to inform you that international airline Korean Air is a general partner of IJSBA 2012 World Offshore Championship. Korean Air takes the lead in global transportation network and plays a key role in enhancing Korea’s status. The highest standars of services and adoption of cutting-edge technologies allow you to flight comfortable and safety all over the wolrd. (more…)

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Absolute winners

  1. Ente Sylvian
  2. BENZO
  3. Woman

Category A

  1. Ente Sylvian
  2. Pastorello Jean Bruno
  3. Pajalin Sammy

Category C

  1. JETSKICLUB-Domostroy
  2. BENZO
  3. Woman Fox Moto
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